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According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death worldwide. Every year 17.9 million people in the world die of cardiovascular disease, which accounts for 31% of all deaths worldwide. 85% of these deaths were due to heart attack and stroke. Timely medical care can greatly minimize the consequences of a stroke or heart attack, improve recovery, and reduce the financial burden of these diseases for the healthcare systems across the globe. Alone in US, heart disease cost over 200 billion USD annually, including loss of productivity due to death.

Before Health Intelligence Ltd (B4) is a research-driven start-up founded by scientists of MIT and Max Planck Society and registered by the startup exchange of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. B4 is dedicated to the development of proprietary AI-technologies to identify early warning signs of critical events with high accuracy for individuals at risk. Our algorithms process intensive longitudinal data from commercially available wearable devices such as smart watches produced by Apple, Garmin, Samsung and other companies to learn the health state of a patient and predict when and how changes of the state may occur. The capabilities of our technologies are not limited to cardiovascular diseases and can be extended to neurological and psychiatric disorders. Our approach has been validated by a set of preclinical studies, generously funded by European funding agencies such as the Horizon2020 Program, and published in peer-reviewed, high-impact peer-reviewed journals of major publishers such as Cell, Nature and the Royal Society.


We are a small, yet highly efficient, team of medical professionals, mathematicians, physicists, and programmers with over a decade of academic research experience in world renown institutions such as Princeton University, Max Planck Society, IHES, New York University, University of Tokyo and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We are driven by passion, curiosity and professional excellence.

Guided by strong female leadership, we follow a disruptive strategy, embrace and celebrate difference and diversity and are fully dedicated to our employees and our community.


We are proudly an equal opportunity workplace and see our success in achieving common good.

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